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Trust & Commitment

Elegrit is far more than just a web design agency.
They are a personal fit.

We can't say that we love all of our clients, but we can certainly say that we're loyal to all of them. We do the best job we possibly can and go out of our way to provide solutions that satisfy. Unfortunately (or fortunately - depends on how you look at it), we take client dissatisfaction personally and do everything in our power to remedy it.

In today's fast paced world, service like ours is not always easy to come by. But just like we value it in others, we want to reciprocate (think your favorite auto mechanic, or dentist - there's just something priceless in finding one you trust). That's important to us and it's what we want to be. It's not just about the bottom line for us - it's about trust, reliability, and expertise.

Anyways, poke around, ask us questions if you have any, give suggestions, whatever. We're generally always available.

- Zig Jasek

We are web commandos

We are web commandos.

Developer, Programmer, Beer Connoisseur, Dad

Zig Jasek

Zig is the engineering & development workhorse behind Elegrit. He is also a former drummer of the band Dremana, served our country as a Navy Seabee, and has a B.S. in Software Engineering from Purdue University.

Prior to Elegrit, Zig was a developer for an online video platform and worked with other web agencies as a freelancer. He also did a bit of work on oDesk (view profile).

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