Web application development for Australian background check provider.

Make Sure is a pre-employment background checking service located in Australia.

The project was managed by and built for WebPlace.

Project Info

  • Client: Make Sure
  • Location: Melbourne Australia
  • Services Rendered: Web Development WordPress API Integration Laravel Development Custom Programming
  • Project URL: https://www.makesure.com.au/
  • Project Highlights:
    • Built to spec
    • Database implementation from design
    • Multi role/multi user access with fine grained access control
    • Job, task and customer management system
    • Background check management system
    • Complex reporting system
    • Customer application management system with notifications, comments
    • Multi step sign up features for two user types: business and individuals
    • Custom PDF generator for applicants and system users
    • Integration with Adobe LiveCycle
    • Custom Google maps integration for displaying location based on user criteria
    • DirectOne payment gateway integration
    • Multiple custom filtering sub-systems
    • Extended CodeIgniter framework implementation