laptop with message about accepting website cookies 18 NOV

Should I Worry About Website Tracking?

We’re told about web tracking on a daily basis. It’s not just the blogs and news articles we read that tell us about how websites track our every move and are constantly collecting information about our behavior. Every new site you visit brings up a query about which cookies you’d like to accept – there’s […]

Woman searching the internet for a local business 24 SEP

What Is Local SEO And How Does It Work?

Has your company been operating within the same area for years? Or maybe your operation is a newer business that has sprung up in your hometown. You may have a solid foundation of loyal customers but are struggling to grow, but how are you supposed to reach new audience members within your location? That’s where […]

Small Business website 19 AUG

Why Should I Have a Website for My Small Business?

Small businesses have a lot on their plates, leading many to neglect their websites. Some might fail to update their pages, while others don’t maintain a website at all.  Yikes. However, I can assure you that the effort you put into your site will be well worth it. If you keep neglecting this crucial component […]

Cost of website, coins held over laptop 01 MAY

Average Cost of Website Design For Small Business in 2021

As a small business in 2021, you need to have a good website. A website that is well designed, user friendly, and search engine optimized will help you attract new customers and build your brand. There’s no doubt that you need to establish your online presence. But, with so many other costs to consider, you […]

Amazon logo on iphone 17 JUL

Hosting a Static Website on AWS S3 and CloudFront with Free SSL

Advantages of S3 & CloudFront The Cost of a Slow Website We’ve all come across websites that load so painfully slow that our patience wears thin and we end up hitting the back button. It’s bad for us because we couldn’t get to the content we were expecting; it’s bad for the business owner because […]

Google My Business on iPhone 21 JUN

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing in 2020

Your local search visibility as a business owner is extremely important. People today rely heavily on Google for everything, and that includes researching products and services in their area. That means you need to optimize your Google business listing as efficiently as possible if you want to compete with other business owners in your area. “Optimization” is […]

Divi and WooCommerce 12 DEC

How to Modify Divi’s Shop Module Product Listings

In this tutorial, we will learn how to modify Divi’s shop module product listings. Although Divi provides a great amount of control for all of its modules, sometimes the provided options just aren’t enough for a particular use case. Why WooCommerce & Divi? Before we get started, let’s do a quick introduction to WooCommerce and the Divi […]

Michael Knight talking to Kitt through wrist watch 12 OCT

Tracking Voice Search Queries Using Google Search Console

I may be dating myself here, but how many of you remember Knight Rider? Michael talking to Kitt, his black Trans Am via his 1983 version of an Apple Watch? It was sci-fi then, but today, we call that voice search, and it’s becoming an everyday part of our daily lives.  In this post, we […]

Map marker on iPhone 02 OCT

Does SEO really matter for local business in 2019?

Fact: 46% of all Google searches are local. So the burning question remains:Does SEO really matter for local business in 2019? After all, things change quickly in SEO best practices and the myriad of ways to optimize your online presence. But going by that metric alone, if your small business is not optimized for local organic searches, […]

Django and Red Hat logos 25 SEP


Originally posted in 2014 on A Recap In part 1 of this post, I went through the process I used to install Python 2.7 and Django 1.7 on a Linux Red Hat RHEL 6.6 box. We left off at the point where a Django app was running on the built-in Django server in development […]