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Where form meets function.
The website you see in front of you, what you’re looking at right now, is just the surface. The top layer if you will.

All the magic that brings this to life is happening behind the scenes and in the background.

Be it a robust eCommerce website or a blog website, the moving parts on the backend are what
makes it actually work. They’re what lead to, drive and create a positive user experience.

Web development is the tie that binds looks, functionality, performance and speed.

What’s the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

It’s a fair question! Sometimes these terms get tossed around interchangeably but there is a distinction between the two.

Think of web design as the aesthetics – or the visual concept – where the graphic design team here at Elegrit shines brightest. Our website developers, on the other hand, are the ones who meticulously bring that vision to life, building the backend architecture to not only ensure your website functions in a user-friendly way but also that it can be more easily found in searches.

They’re not interchangeable as much as they are interconnected and complementary. Getting the backend right, allows the surface to shine.

Professional web design + a methodical development process = a high quality website.

Simple math.

We specialize in custom web development.

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Custom Programming

Both frontend and backend custom programming on Linux servers.

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WooCommerce Websites

E-commerce websites, payment gateways, fulfillment integrations, etc.

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3rd Party API Integration

CRMs, tracking, social media, bespoke API development and more

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Plugin Development

WordPress plugins, Joomla plugins, Laravel packages, Craft CMS plugins.

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Web App Development

Custom applications – frontend, backend and custom integrations.

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WordPress Websites

Standard installations, custom themes, bug fixes, custom plugins.

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Database Design

Relational database design and development utilizing MySQL and MariaDB.

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PHP, JavaScript Coding

Custom scripts, web scrapers, unique coding requirements.

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Hacked Site Recovery

It's no secret the cyber security threats or on the rise. Websites are no exception.

I've worked with Zig for several years and he's been great. Always quick to respond via email and available to do meetings, screenshares, or whatever is needed. He's also just straight up easy to work with and dependable.

Most importantly, he takes a smart, thoughtful, approach. By that, I mean he doesn't just go develop what I say to do if it doesn't make sense (which isn't true of all developers). He comes back with a smarter approach and I can trust that the solution he suggests is well thought out.

Bryan JonesFounder, eLearning Art

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Responsive Design for All the Devices of the World

Over 50% of web traffic is from mobile devices.
Hard to believe, right?

Given those numbers, it’s highly likely you’re reading this from a phone right now. Looks good, no?

That’s not an accident.

Web design and development work in tandem to create websites that work smoothly across all platforms and devices. It’s what’s known as responsive design and with more and more people accessing the web from tablets & mobile, a trend that shows no sign of slowing, making sure your online presence is optimized is imperative.

Put simply, half the world is browsing and buying via their phones, can you afford to lose that business to a competitor because your site doesn’t work well on an iPhone?

Robots like our websites too (we’re pretty great at SEO too after all).

At the end of the day, unlike silica packages, your website is meant for human consumption and often that gets lost in the jargon of the whole process.

Sure, we build on WordPress, can integrate & optimize WooCommerce, program with PHP, JavaScript and the like and can talk code for days but what makes a human-centric website is savvy web development, top-tier design and, critically, understanding people.

Your business is built on knowing your customers and clients and given that your website is its digital representation, it should do the same.

The marriage of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).

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