AWS Elastic Encoder plugin and integration for Expression Engins.

The Elastic Encoder plugin for Expression Engine is a custom video encoding plugin built for Pitch Starter in order to provide the ability to upload videos to Amazon’s s3 storage, have them encoded by Amazon’s Elastic Transcoder and serve them via CloudFront.

Project Info

  • Client: Pitch Starter
  • Location: Australia
  • Services Rendered: API Integration Custom Programming
  • Project Highlights:
    • Plugin integrates with the Assets plugin via hooks.
    • Plugin validates, uploads and maintains status of video encoding state
    • Plugin monitors AWS for video status updates and syncs with local data
    • Plugin provides settings for API credentials, codec and preset settings, number of videos to encode, source & destination setting, etc
    • Integrates with Amazon Web Services S3, CloudFront and ElasticTranscoder